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Taste and See

Epiphany 5A-23 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has lost its taste, how can its saltiness be restored?  You are the light […]

Stopping The Nonstop Bad News

Epiphany 4A-23 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago Most mornings, I wake up and start scrolling thru headlines. This week was rough. Police violence. Mass shootings. War in Ukraine. Political strife. What would […]

The Right Road

Epiphany 3A-23 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago It was New Year’s Day, 1929. The University of California at Berkely Golden Bears played the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in the Rose Bowl. Halfway […]

Kingdom Train to Glory

Epiphany 2A-23  Immanuel Lutheran Two weeks ago, on New Year’s Day, I went to church with extended family on vacation. New Year’s Day is what we call a ‘low Sunday.’  […]

The Blessed Light

Christmas Eve – 22 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago The prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, describes the nativity scene at the birth of Jesus in the Quran (Surah 19) featuring a […]

In the Middle of a Miracle

Advent 4A-22 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago I met a kid at tutoring on Monday night. His name was ‘Nottie.’ I had to ask him to repeat it for me.  I wasn’t […]

Dark Night of the Soul

Advent 3A-22 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago It’s a blue Christmas for John the Baptist. He paces back and forth in his narrow cell. Imprisoned by King Herod, he questions the choices […]

Your Armor of Light

Advent 1A-22 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago Jesus sat and spoke to the disciples.  He is somewhere on the Mount of Olives across the Kidron valley from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  […]

Jesus or Judas?

Christ the King, C-22 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago Today’s gospel offers us a choice. Shall we follow Jesus or Judas? It may sound like a rhetorical question.  After all, as every […]

In From the Storm

Proper 28C-22 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago Her name is Stefani. She laughs easily with a throaty chuckle. Her eyes sparkle. ‘Bliss,’ could be her nickname. But her words catch us by […]