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Grateful for Forgiveness

Proper 19A-23 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago Some of you may be reading, Grateful, by Diana Butler Bass. I invite you to read it on your own and/or to discuss it with […]

Leaving Margaritaville

Proper 18A-23 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago It was a smash hit in 1977. I learned every word sitting in the back seat of my family’s big yellow AMC Matador on a […]

The House of Living Stones

Proper 16A-23 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago ‘On this rock I will build my church.’ (Matthew 16:18). The church in Rome and the doctrine of the primacy of Peter is built upon […]

Canaanite Lives Matter

Proper 15A-23 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago Jesus ignored her and insulted her, calling her a ‘little dog’. The disciples asked Jesus to send her away. Her constant shouting annoyed them. Matthew […]

Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me

Proper 14A-23 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago August 13, 2023 Our story picks up where we left off last Sunday.  5,000 men plus women and children have just finished eating their fill […]

Come, Eat, be Filled, and Live

Proper 13A-23 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago Jesus said, “You give them something to eat” (Matthew 14:16). The disciples were willing to disrupt their families and uproot their lives for a front […]

Lead Me, Guide Me

Proper 9A-23 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago There’s an old preacher’s story about a church youth group working on an elderly woman’s house helping to make necessary repairs.  There was a child […]

Discipleship Rewards

Proper 8A-23 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago Did somebody say reward?  Did Jesus promise compensation for the disciples? Jesus said, ‘prophets, the righteous—even those who do something as simple as give a […]

How We Live

Proper 5A-23 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago Jesus saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax booth; and he said to him, “Follow me. And Matthew got up and followed him. […]

True Colors

Trinity A-23 Immanuel Lutheran, Chicago June 4, 2023 True Colors Last year, Brian Koch, Patrick Ormand, and Genevieve Hallas and I took turns holding up the Immanuel Lutheran sign while […]